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Lamborghini Aventador S


As a company Lamborghini stands out among every other supercar company. And Lamborghini Aventador is the flagship supercar of Lamborghini. Aventador introduced to the market to replace the Murcielago. You can find an Aventador S for a starting price of around $420,000.  Aventador series comes in 4 different Models that are Aventador S, Aventador S Roadster, Aventador SVJ, Aventador SVJ Roadster. In this post, we are talking about Aventador S (coupe). In the 2019 version they have improved a lot of things like weight management, steering, the integration of all the systems. With its V12 engine, you can enjoy the ride to the fullest.






V12 60° MPI

Engine displacement


Max power


Max torque

690 Nm

Weight-To-Power ratio

2,13 kg/CV (4.69 lb/CV)



Aventador S still uses their same central carbon with aluminum sub-frame. With its 4-wheel drive system and V12 engine it produces 40bhp more power and 1lb of torque than the last version. With the LDCA (Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics) it can manage its each of dynamic axels each at a time. In this model, they have added so many new software upgrades to the car along with some hardware upgrades.







Max speed

350 km/h (217 mph)

Acceleration 0-62 MPH 0-100 Kmph

2.9 s

Acceleration 0-124 MPH 0-200 Kmph

8.8 s

Acceleration 0-186 MPH 0-300 Kmph

24.2 s

Breaking 62 -0 MPH 100-0 Kmph

31 m



The Aventador we all know was a mighty thing that only can be controlled by the chosen. But with this all-new 4WS system, everyone is fitting these now. At low speeds, the rear wheel can turn up to 3 degrees and at high speeds, rear wheels turn the same way as the fronts to increase the stability and driver’s confidence.  With its 730hp engine, it can reach up to 100Kmph in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 350Kmph. It does the standard quarter-mile in around 10.5 seconds. There are there different driving modes that you can choose. They are Strada, Sport, and Corsa.  When you use Corsa mode it will provide faster throttle response, quicker gear shifting. And it will also deactivate the automatic upshifting at redline. So, it’s better to stick to the sport mode unless you’re in a racing situation.



Inside the Aventador, you can find the best in class materials and high-tech feeling. Every piece of interior is hand finished and assembled by a team of professionals. The driving position is great you have a 4-5 feet deep windscreen and a stunning looking instrument cluster like F1 jet but its graphics and features are outdated compared to its rivals. Its instrument cluster has a TFT LCD display. And a second display at the center for the multimedia and navigations. In the multimedia panel, you can find a performance data recorder that saves lap times and track data like top speed, 0-60, etc. we hope that Lamborghini will increase its technology in the next generation Aventador. You can choose so many verities of personalized options and premium materials.






On the outside Aventador contains a lot of carbon fiber accessories. The main monocoque is made out of carbon fiber also. With its aggressive look, The Aventador is always recognizable at first sight. With Double Wishbone Pushrod suspension at the front and back the rider gets full control of ride height. the Aventador comes in 20-inch front wheels and 21-inch rear wheels. In the Aventador S model, you can’t get a spoiler as factory customization. If you want to get a spoiler with the car and increase the look you will need to go for the Aventador SVJ model that’s so much more money than fitting an aftermarket spoiler but the  Lamborghini Aventador SVJ comes with so many more extra features we can talk about that in another post.



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