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Top 5 Highest Speeds That Ever Recorded

In 1987 the Ferrari F40 broke the 200mph speed barrier that everyone wanted to do. The battle held for like 60 years before the F40 was born. That shows how hard car manufacturers are battling to keep the highest speed record theirs. After breaking the 200mph record, a new barrier had set. That is the 300mph barrier. After 32 years from breaking the first barrier, it was broken on this year, So in this post let’s talk about the highest speed records that ever recorded on a production car.
05.         Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR first came to production in 2004, and in 2005 it broke the highest speed record with a 241mph top speed. But after 2 months that record was again broken by another car. I will talk about that car further in this post. The CCR has a 4.7-Liter V8 engine that based on Ford modular engine, that has twin rotrex supercharges. With that powerful engine, it can produce up to 806hp. The record was set by 241mph but this car theoretically can reach up to 245mph. it can reach 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, and the standard quarter-mile in 11.2 seconds. When this car launched in 2004, this car was the most powerful car from Koenigsegg. Only 14 of them were built from 2004 to 2006.

04.         Bugatti VEYRON

The Bugatti Veyron EB16.4 first came to production in 2005 it held the market till 2015 when the Chiron replaced it. It has an 8.0-Liter W16 engine, which means it made out with two small V8 engines that bolted together. The original version of this car had a top speed of 253mph. This car had four releases, but further about them will bring to you in another post. Its super sport version set the highest speed record by reaching 267.8mph. That version can produce up to 1184hp and 883kW. To achieve this kind of speed, it requires a unique set of tires designed by Michelin. That tires cost around $25,000, and it only can mount in France, and that costs around $70,000 so if you want to buy one of these it’s better, you are a millionaire.
03.         Hennessey Venom GT

The Hennessey Venom GT has manufactured by Hennessey Performance Engineering that based in Texas. The first car had produced in 2011. And only 13 unites are made in its entire life that are seven coupes and six Spyders. The Venom GT coupe version has a 7-Liter V8 engine which is powered by twin turbocharges. With that engine, this car can produce up to 1244hp and 928kW. In the Spyder version, the car comes with 1451hp and 1082kW. But the speed record was set by the coupe version. The record had set on Kennedy space center’s shuttle landing strip. That was 270.4mph, but the driver stated that if he had more tarmac available, he could reach 5-10mph more than the record. And this car has another record that is the fastest accelerating car in the world by reaching 200mph just in 14.51 seconds.

02. Koenigsegg Agera
Koenigsegg Agera came in 5 different versions. Its Agera RS version set the top speed on 2017 by reaching up to 278mph. This version came with a 5-Liter V8 engine with twin turbochargers that can produce up to 1341hp and 1000kW. This engine helped so much to archive that goal not only in performance for weight deduction also. The entire engine of this car only weights 197kg due to its carbon fiber and aluminium structure. This car can reach 0.60mph in just 2.8 seconds. This car is an authentic masterpiece when it’s come to designing because of a lot of parts of this car made out of carbon fiber. The Agera production had stopped in 2018 unveiling two final edition cars. In its lifetime this car set so many records in record books. There is so much to talk about this car. We will talk about that in a specified post for this car.

01.         Bugatti CHIRON

The first Chiron has announced in 2016 Geneva Motor show. This car comes with an 8-Liter W16 engine with quad turbocharges. With this engine, it produces 1479hp and 1103kW. This car doesn’t look so aerodynamic with its huge sized body kit, but the whole body-kit had made out of carbon fiber, and it reduces a lot of weight. The Chiron is electronically limited its top speed to 262mph for safety reasons and mainly because no tire that currently manufactured would be able to handle that much of stress at the top speed. But with the specific key, you can unlock its full features. The top speed record was broken by its Chiron super sport 300+ version in august of 2019 by reaching 304.7mph. This version has the same engine as Chiron Supersport, but it produces 1578hp and 1177kW. Only 30 of these cars will made, and all of them are sold.

In this post, we talked about the highest speed record that ever recorded in a production car. Further on this website, we are planning to give you the best updates, news, and reviews about supercars. like us on Facebook for instant updates.
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