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Koenigsegg Agera

“Koenigsegg”, if you are an automotive enthusiast you most probably know about this brand, but if you’re not, this brand is one of the fastest cars manufactures in the world. The only car manufacture that can compete with this brand is Bugatti. Before diving into the details about the Koenigsegg Agera let’s talk a little bit about the Koenigsegg brand itself. In 1994 Koenigsegg was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in Sweden. The company produced its first street-legal supercar in 2002, which was CC8S. After that Koenigsegg released its second hypercar in 2006 which was Koenigsegg CCX. Following that they released CCXR in 2009. These cars were great successor for the company, because of that Koenigsegg unveiled Koenigsegg Agera in 2010, which gained a lot of attention and won the Top Gear hypercar of the year award. Let’s talk about the Koenigsegg Agera now. 


“Agera” this means “Act” in Swedish. Koenigsegg Agera
came in 5 variants. That are,


1.       Koenigsegg Agera R (2011–2014)

2.       Koenigsegg Agera S (2013–2014)

3.       Koenigsegg One:1 (2014–2016)

4.       Koenigsegg Agera RS (2015–2018)

5.       Koenigsegg Agera Final Edition (2016–2018)


With these variants some special editions also released. Koenigsegg Agera production lasted till July 2018. With this let’s dive into some specifications of the car.



            In the early phase of the development the agera was equipped with a 4.7-Liter V8. But the production version got a 5.0-Liter V8 engine. The specs are as below.


Twin turbo V8

Engine displacement


Max power

947HP (Standard)

Max torque

706 Nm (Standard)


This engine can archive its max power at 6900 Rpm. This engine only weights about 197 KGs because of the carbon fiber inlet manifold and aluminium construction. This car is equipped with a 7-speed duel clutch transmission and this transmission was specially developed for this car.



Max speed

400 km/h (249 mph)

Acceleration 0-62 mph 0-100 Kmph

2.8 s

Acceleration 0-124 mph 0-200 Kmph

8.0 s

Acceleration 0-124-0 mph 0-200-0 Kmph

13.5 s

Acceleration 0-249-0 mph 0-400-0 Kmph

36.44 s


With the standard Agera started a legend that will last for centuries. After so many years Koenigsegg broke the 0-400-0 record that previously set by Bugatti in 2nd November 2017 by 5.5 secs.  After breaking that record Koenigsegg went for another record that is top speed. By archiving 458 kmph, Koenigsegg set a new world record that yet to be broken. If we look close “Koenigsegg Agera” is the car that gave fuel to the Koenigsegg brand, if I said it took Koenigsegg to a whole new level I’m not wrong. Let’s talk about the interior and exterior of this car.



The chassis of the car is made from carbon fiber with aluminium honeycomb structure and the fuel tank is integrated to the chassis to improve weight distribution and safety. The body is made from carbon fiber and Kevlar (A heat resistant, strong synthetic fiber). There’s space in the front hood to store the removable hardtop roof. The Agera comes with standard 19-inch rims in the front and 20-inch at the back. Those wheels are made from forged aluminium with centre locking nuts. When it comes to the interior the buyer can customize from the stitching to the logos. There are so many carbon fiber and Alcan Tara options to choose from. In the cockpit, you can find the ghost lights, which are made from carbon nanotubes for a stunning look.


In this post, we talked about the Koenigsegg Agera. We will bring the full detailed reviews of the Agera variants soon. So, make sure to like us on Facebook to never miss a new post. Hope this post gave you a little knowledge about the Agera model. Until next post stay safe.


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