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Honda CFR450X Full Review


These days we mostly talked about Honda bikes because most people asked us to talk about the bikes of Honda. Today also we are going to talk about one of the best motorcycles made by Honda, that is the Honda CRF450X motorcycle of the CRF family which is one of the top bikes in terms of motor cross bikes.

If we have a brief introduction about this motorcycle this release from the factory as a street-legal motorcycle. This means that this cannot be driven on the road. This bike is completely manufactured for motocross & off-road riding. But people who love the power & the look of this motorcycle change this as a street-legal CRF ML & convert this as a supermoto & Dual Purpose.


To talk about the good & bad of this motorcycle let’s begin with the engine of this. The engine, Honda has provided a 449cc DOHC single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 4 valves the maximum power that can be obtained from this engine has been calculated as 44 horsepower. With this 44-horsepower engine, it can take a maximum speed of 178 km/h in less than 15 seconds. And also, a very high pickup can be seen from the first gear of this motorcycle.

Cooling and Fuel Supply

A liquid cooling system is used as the cooling system like other CRF models. But more heat can be seen in this engine than the other CRF models & Motorcross models such as WR450F, RM450X, and KXF 450. A slightly low efficiency can be seen in this cooling system when compared with other models. However, it is a common thing that can be seen in Motorcross bikes to overheat when continuously riding.

The fuel supply of this motorcycle is done through a 40mm Keihin carb with a fuel efficiency of 22 kilometres per litre of fuel & reason for it is that Sensor Carb or EFI system is not provided. However, due to this, the cost and time spent in correcting the carb-related errors are reduced, which is an advantage on one hand.

This motorcycle consists of a 7.2-litre fuel tank. When thinking about fuel efficiency this is not a fuel tank that can be satisfied during long journeys which is a big disadvantage for the rider.

Clutch and Gear

If we focus the attention on the clutch & gear system a wet multi-plate is used with a 5-speed gear system. Although there are 6 gears in the other motorcycles, this has five gears. This can be seen as a small missing in this motorcycle but it has been very easy to get a very quick acceleration.

Design and Chassis

When talking about the handling of this motorcycle, we have to say the same thing as when we talked about XR Bajaj & DRZ motorcycles. It is if someone uses who is not familiar with riding a motorcycle is their first, it is not a wise choice because this bike shows a very energetic feeling right from the first gear. And also, the seat of this motorcycle is at a high of 37.9 inches height. So, it is a very uncomfortable thing for a short person in normal driving conditions such as traffic. This is a high-speed motorcycle which is suitable for an experienced person taller than 5.8 feet.

As in other CRFs, a Semi-Double Cradle frame is provided as the chassis, and this is a low-weight, high-strength, low-vibration frame. And also, the total weight of this motorcycle is 118 kg and it is considered to be the lightest motorcycle in its category. With this 44-horsepower engine, a weak person may feel unsteady in handling this motorcycle. Also, there is a very clear space of 13.6 inches with the ground, so driving on difficult roads is very easy for this motorcycle.

Suspensions, Breaks, Tires

When talking about the suspension of this, Showa brand 47 mm strong Inverted Forks (USD) has been provided for the front and this can be changed at any time. For the back, a Pro-Link swing arm with a Showa mono-shock has been provided which can be adjusted anytime. Due to this suspension, the rider gets the opportunity to drive this motorcycle on any difficult road without any problem.

When talking about the brake, a 240 mm disc with a two-piston calliper has been provided at the front & a single-piston calliper with a disc of the same size is at the back of this motorcycle.

When paying attention to the tires of this motorcycle an 80/100 – 21 tire for the front side and a 110/100 – 18 size Motorcross tire have been used for the back. When driving on normal roads slipping may happen due to the low connection with the ground and also instability at high speeds can be seen due to this reason. Changing the motorcycle to Supermoto is the best solution for this problem.

We mentioned that this is a road illegal bike at the beginning. So when converting this to a road-legal motorcycle Signal lights, a Tail lamp along with Headlight, Meter panel, (No original level meters) foot pegs for the person who is travelling behind are needed to be fixed. Basics are essential and to do Supermoto everything like Rim set, Spokes, Hub, Tires, Tubes etc. is needed to add newly.

People are attracted to this motorcycle more than CRF L, and M models due to factors like its attractive appearance, lightweight, power and also love for the motor cross & It also has Kik Start which is a big plus (CRF250L doesn’t even have a kick) for the motorcycle.

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Until next post, be safe and keep riding.

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