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Yamaha WR250X Full Review

In today’s topic, we are going to talk about the Yamaha WR250X which was a request of many people.

This motorcycle which belongs to the SuperMoto category and is fit for both mud & pile is one of the top bikes in the SM Category. Let’s start today’s review with the engine of this motorcycle.


As the engine of this bike, Yamaha has provided a 249cc DOHC (dual overhead camshaft), single cylinder, 4 valves, and 4 stroke engines. The maximum power that this bike can get is mentioned as 30 bhp and this bike takes nearly 4.1 seconds to reach the speed of 0-60kmph and 6.8 seconds to reach the speed of 0-100kmph. Also, a speed exceeding 170kmph is mentioned as the maximum speed of this bike & 4 titanium valves with less weight and more durability are used for this engine.


A liquid cooling system has been provided as the cooling system of the bike and this cooling system is normally used for bikes above 200cc. The reason for using this cooling system is to control the very high heat emitted from this engine. However, we can see the same engine in this WR125X bike. There are many advantages of using this and also disadvantages of using this are high maintenance cost and the high price of spare parts.

Fuel Supply

YFI (Yamaha Fuel Injection) technology is used for the fuel supply of this bike and it allows it to drive between 25-35 km from one petrol litre. A fuel tank of 7.5 litres has also been provided for this bike and although this looks like a very small tank, it is very enough for an SM bike.

It is better to check the fuel level during long journeys because even if we store a full tank of fuel in this bike, we can travel a distance of about 200km. So you must be very careful about the fuel level on long journeys.

Gear Clutch

If we pay attention to the gear and clutch of this bike, a gear system of speed 6 gear is used in this bike. Though this 6-gear is a very rare factor in Indian bikes it is a very common factor in Japan 250 bikes. Because of these six gears, you can drive very well while controlling the speed and saving fuel & WR125x which is considered the younger brother of this bike also consists of a 6-gear system.

A wet multiple-disc is used as the clutch of this bike and difficulty cannot be seen when shifting gears like in other dirt/sm bikes.


As the meter of this bike, a fully digital meter panel has been used and the same meter panel is also used for the WR250R which is the Motocross version of this bike. Speed, odo, trip, time as well as stopwatch are added to this meter. Gear position and fuel gauge are not seen here and RPM is not included. However, this cannot be considered a big miss on this bike because the meter system in most Sm/dirt bikes only shows the speed and distance travelled. When comparing with them the meter in this bike is very forward than the other Sm/dirt bike meters.


An aluminium handlebar which is very rider friendly has been used here and it is an opportunity to ride comfortably. Even in traffic, a tall rider can handle the bike very easily. Due to the high seat height of 894 mm (35.2 inches), a short rider will have a difficulty in handling this bike, but for an experienced rider, it will not be a big problem.

If we pay attention to the chassis of this bike, An Aluminum coated semi-double-cradle frame has been used for this bike. This chassis allows for a very steady ride and can successfully face various collisions on any road condition. The frame also has good durability due to the coated aluminium on it.


If we talk about the design of this bike, it is manufactured with a very attractive look. Due to the cowls attached to the tank, the air flows well to the engine. Because of this, the heat of this bike is not only controlled by the cooling system but also by this design.

Also, it allows the bike to travel very easily even in the stone, pits, canals rivers, and lakes due to the position of this silencer which is at the top of this bike. And also, this help to travel from the bike without missing the engine and breaking the exhaust pipes. This silencer also gives an attractive look and sound to the bike.

Another special matter about this bike is, from the original production year of this bike in 2008 till now, no change has been made in the engine or another way and Yamaha has changed the appearance of the relevant year only with external stickers. Because of this, most people face a problem when buying a bike in the second-hand market, because the 2008 bike is sold with a 2012 sticker, so it is more likely to be bought older models for a high price. The sticker design related to the year is mentioned at the bottom of the post and we will tell you a 90% successful solution for this at the end of the article.


when talking about the suspensions of this bike, inverted forks (USD- Upside down) have been used, and also the USD shock can face collisions very successfully and it allows a WR rider to travel very comfortably even on difficult roads.

As rear suspension, a swing arm with a mono-shock is used and this can be adjusted according to one’s wish and convenience.

Breaks, Tires, Rim

When talking about the breaking system, a 298mm hydraulic disc brake is used at the front and a 230mm hydraulic disc brake at the back of this bike. This gear system gives a good rider the ability to ride at any speed and stop the bike safely in any weather condition and this big disc gives the bike a very distinctive look also.

when talking about the tires, a 110/70-17 tire is used at the front and a wide 140/70-17 tire is used at the rear. Due to this, there is good contact between the tires with the ground and at high speeds, this bike is very stable and this shows a good response in emergency braking applications. When changing tires, you will need to spend about 20,000 for the back tire and 15,000 for the front. One who normally rides a bike like WR may not feel it is too big a price because 35000 is not a problem for someone who buys this bike which is the highest price among 250 SM model bikes.

A 17-inch stainless steel rim and spokes are used for this bike and in an emergency accident, it becomes a difficult task to protect the rim without any damage. Also, you have to spend a lot of money to get it in good condition, even so, the spoke rim has given a big help to the appearance.

At last, if we make a note about this bike, this bike has a very high demand in Sri Lanka and also in the whole world and this is a bike that has high power, high acceptance, and a highly attractive appearance in the Super motard category.

There are motorcycles like XR250, CRF230M, and Kawasaki D Tracker/x in the Supermoto model that competes with this bike, and the WR250X can be pointed out as the bike with the highest price and power.

Another thing to mention is that the spare parts of this bike are also very expensive and before buying a bike like this, take care of your income or you may be lost.

If you are looking to buy this bike or if you need to know the manufactured year of this bike please enter the VIN Number (Chassis number) here. But we cannot promise you that the information is 100% accurate.

Please refer to our FB page for suggestions, errors, and defects. See the photos below and get an idea about the bike and the year of manufacture

Until next post, be safe and keep riding.

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