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Honda AX-1 Full Review


If we talk about this motorcycle, this bike first manufactured in 1987. It is manufactured based on the NX motorcycle which is very similar to this motorcycle. This bike which was manufactured from 1987 to 1994, was 100% made in Japan for 7 years, and after 1994, production of this motorcycle was completely stopped.

We can see grouped chassis numbers and engine components just like the Hornet 250 (CB250F) here also and I will mention that information first.



Name: Honda AX-1

Frame/Engine: MD21-100XXXX/ MD21E-XXXXXXX

Code: NX250J



Name: Honda AX-1 (Japan); Honda NX250 Dominator (Europe, North America)

Frame/Engine: MD21-101XXXX / MD21E-XXXXXXX (Japan); MD215XXXX, MD216XXXXXX (Europe); JH2MD21XXXXXXXXX (North America)

Code: NX250J (Europe, Canada, Japan); NX250A / NX250AC (USA)



Name: Honda AX-1 (Japan); Honda NX250 Dominator (Europe, USA)

Frame/Engine: MD21-110XXXX / MD21E-XXXXXXX (Japan); MD215XXXX, MD216XXXXXX (Europe); JH2MD21XXXXXXXXX (USA)

Code: NX250K (Europe, Japan); NX250A / NX250AC (USA)



Name: Honda AX-1 (Japan); Honda NX250 Dominator (Europe, USA)

Frame/Engine: MD21-115XXXX / MD21E-XXXXXXX (Japan); MD215XXXX, MD216XXXXXX, MD25XXXXX (Europe); JH2MD21XXXXXXXXX (USA)

Code: NX250L, NX2502L (Europe); NX250A / NX250AC (USA); NX250K (Japan)



Name: Honda AX-1 (Japan); Honda NX250 Dominator (Switzerland)

Frame/Engine: MD21-115XXXX / MD21E-XXXXXXX (Japan); MD255XXXX (Switzerland)

Code: NX250M (Switzerland); NX250K (Japan)



Name: Honda AX-1 (Japan); Honda NX250 Dominator (Europe)

Frame/Engine: MD21-115XXXX / MD21E-XXXXXXX (Japan); MD215XXXXXX, MD253XXXXXX, MD255XXXXXX, JH2MD259*XXXXXXXXXX (Switzerland)

Code: NX250P, NX2502P (Europe); NX250K (Japan)



Name: Honda AX-1

Frame/Engine: MD21-120XXXX / MD21E-XXXXXXX

Code: NX250R / NX250RIII


I have mentioned here the Names and chassis/engine numbers used in both Japan and Europe because some AX1s that were imported from Europe can be seen in our country also.

As the hornet, there are not many changes from chassis to chassis, but some small changes can be seen.


Non-adjustable suspension can be seen in this bike

When the speed limit exceeds 100kmph headlamp of this bike automatically activates.

Special model – red boot or called a doll model also (rare in Sri Lanka)

White rim color with frames 100,110,115 can be seen.

And the engine is painted in gold color.

After chassis 100, A different design was used in chassis 110.

In CH 120, the name AX-1 is written in Vine letters. (Vine Model)

A gray chassis and a black rim with a silver line can be seen in this bike.

The engine is similar to gray with black.

Let’s begin to explain about this iron monster from its engine


A single-cylinder DOHC 249cc four-valve four-stroke engine has been provided by Honda for the AX1 motorcycle. The maximum power of this engine is stated as 29bhp and the NX which is considered as the nearest brother of this bike which has the same engine capacity has only got 25 horsepower. A maximum speed of around 140-145kmph can be achieved with a good engine by this motorcycle. Also, more pickups can be seen here than motorcycles like XR, and D Tracker and the reason for it can be mentioned as 29 horsepower engine which is with a lightweight structure. To reach a speed of around 0-100 this engine takes only 6.5 seconds.

When we talk about the cooling system of this motorbike, a liquid cooling system has been provided as the cooling system for this bike by Honda Company and also automatic fans are used in cases where the heat is too much. However, when compared to other motorcycles, errors that occur in the cooling system are relatively high in this bike and this situation can be minimized by regular maintenance. If we talk about the fuel supply and fuel efficiency of this bike, the fuel supply is done by a Keihin 32 mm carburetor and an average fuel efficiency of 35-45 kilometers per liter can be seen.


Gears and Clutch

When we talk about the gears and clutch of this bike, a wet multi-plate clutch has been provided with a 6-speed gear system when downshifting several gears continually a slight roughness can be seen in the gear system. It is common for such simple faults to occur in these motorcycles which are older than the Hornet and this situation can also be controlled by having someone with experienced technical knowledge and by servicing them properly.



If we talk about the meter system of this bike, we can see features like Speed, RPM, ODO, and trip and can identify this as a complete analog meter panel. Not showing the fuel gage here can be seen as a big missing on this Adventure category motorcycle and this can make the rider feel uncomfortable because the fuel tank is limited to 9 liters and the reserve size is 1.6 liters.

Next, if we talk about the handling of this bike, this motorcycle has been completed to fit both on-road and off-road, and the two letters AX in the name mean A-On road and X-Off road. This motorcycle is designed to drive easily on any difficult road and this can take a speed of 100+ without any problem on a carpeted road also. The front of this has been completed in a way that it can move well against the air. Driving in traffic conditions is also very easy and the 810 mm (31.9 inches) seat height makes it easy for anyone of any height to drive, and for someone under 5.5 may have may face some difficulty until they get used to it.

When we talk about the chassis of this bike a strong and light Diamond, tubular steel double cradle frame has been given for this and the maximum weight of this bike is 124kg. So it is 4 kg less than the NX model.

Breaks and Tires

When talking about the brake system of this bike, disc brakes are provided in the Front and the back, while the NX model has a drum break in the back. If you are going to buy an ax1 model, pay attention to this matter because there are many instances that NX motorcycles that converted to AX1 sold for a higher price. Never take an ax1 with an only front disk. It must be a converted NX model.

If we talk about Tires, the front tire is 90/100-19 55P and the back tire is 120/90-16 63P and this can be called as an especially finished tire for tubeless AX1. A brand new original tire change can cost nearly 20000 on both sides and it can cost a bit less than 15000 for a re-conditioned tire.
For the headlamp, 2 lights are used here and it can be seen that there is a slight lack of light on this headlamp.

Finally, if we talk about this motorcycle, it can be pointed out as a Superb Honda design that has been sold very successfully all over the world, and this motorcycle fits for any category like dual sports, supermoto, enduro, and adventure. Now the production of this bike has been completely stopped by honda. If anyone reading the article is thinking of buying an AX 1, we requested you to seek experienced technical assistance because many diseases can be seen in this motorcycle from the spoke to the head.

Send your comments, suggestions, accusations, and problems to our FB page. Take a look at the photos below and get an idea about the bike.

Until the next post, be safe and keep riding.

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