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Honda XR 250 Baja Full Review

 In Today’s topic, we are going to talk about Enduro, Dual Sports, and Big wheel. No matter what you call it, it is about the Honda XR 250 Baja, which is still highly recognized in the world. This Baja motorcycle which is with a powerful, strong and rugged look was born in 1995 in the Honda XR family. After that, this motorcycle was produced for 10 years until 2005, and in 2005, the production of this motorcycle was completely stopped like Hornet, Jade, and AX1 motorcycles.

Now let’s talk about this monster from our heart who has Enduro, off-road, Dual Sports, Supermoto, Big wheel, and Adventure qualifications that can be included in any category.


As the engine of this motorcycle, Honda has provided a 249cc single cylinder OHC (Overhead camshaft) four-stroke valve air-cooled engine. The maximum power of this engine is 28 horsepower & it reaches a speed of 0 to 100 in about 5.9 seconds from this engine. The maximum speed of this motorcycle is between 150-155km/h. This engine is one of the highest-power 250 dual sports engines & the biggest challengers to this motorcycle are aimed by Djabel and WRR.

Fuel Supply

Fuel supply in this motorcycle is done through a Carburetor & from one petrol litre, it can travel between 30 to 35 kilometres. Even so, it has become a big advantage in long journeys due to the large 14-litre fuel tank compared to Enduro motorcycles such as CRF, WR, DR, DJabel, and KLX. Maintenance costs are minimal and fuel efficiency is slightly lower in this motorcycle because the fuel in here is supplied through a Carburetor.

Gears and Clutch

When talking about gears and clutch, a wet multi-plate clutch has been used with a 6-speed gear system. This motorcycle is also called an adventure motorcycle due to the things like double headlight which is extending the upper range and also due to the fuel tank which is 14 litres. The Baja itself has also got a unique majestic look due to this double head, which we can see even in a thick distance. Driving in fog or at night is very easy due to this double head of Bajaj.


The ground clearance is also designed to fit on any road condition & with this 260mm (10.2 inches) ground clearance controls the possible damage to the engine and the bend when travelling at high speeds through potholes and bumps. The seat height of this motorcycle is 860mm (33.9 inches) & the total weight of this motorcycle is recorded as 119 kg.

When talking about the meter system of this motorcycle, we can see a digital meter which is similar to the digital meter of the DRZ motorcycle. In this digital meter things like Speed, ODO, Trip, and Time are shown and RPM and Fuel gauge are not included here as in most Dual Sports motorcycles. But you can add it from outside if needed. As in most Japanese motorcycles, a side stand indicator can be seen in this also which is set for the rider’s safety.


When talking about the chassis, a Steel Diamond frame has been provided & this frame which has a high strength provides the opportunity for a minimum stable ride without high vibration. Suspension is set up to ride on any road very comfortably and not using USD forks like other motorcycles can be seen as a slightly low deficiency.

Breaks and Tires

When talking about the breaks of this motorcycle a disk brake system is used in both the front & back of this motorcycle. When compared with other motorcycles the response to the breaks is a little lower but this cannot be shown as a huge deficiency because this situation especially occurs in motorcycles that missed the proper time maintenance.

If you pay attention to the tires of this motorcycle, you can see the original tires with off-road cuts of size 3.00 – 21 in the front and 4.60 – 18 in the back and if needed, this can be converted into a supermoto also. And because of these off-road tires, you can see that there is less friction on the carpet roads at high speeds and but this can be avoided by changing it to Supermoto.

Last when talking this motorcycle, it has a top acceptance among dual sports motorcycles & this is a motorcycle which has been successfully sold around the world. After 2005 the manufacture of this motorcycle has been stopped and they had not mentioned a proper reason for it. Honda did not produce a replacement motorcycle for this motorcycle like super motorcycles like AX1, Hornet, and Jade and the dynasty of Bajaj ended there.

However, these Baja motorcycles still migrate to Europe & Asia. A Sri Lankan registered Baja motorcycle can be sold between a range of 3 to 5 lakhs & a supermoto Baja motorcycle can be sold within a range of 6 to 8 lakhs.

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Until next post, be safe and keep riding.

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