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Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 Full Review

On today’s topic, we are going to talk about the best supermoto bike that matches your price in the hand. And also, we are not wrong if we say that this is the currently most-seen supermoto bike in Sri Lanka that is the Kawasaki D Tracker 250 that we all know. Though countries like Sri Lanka and Thailand tell this bike as Tracker, Japan, and other countries, most tell this bike as KLX 250D.So, if you want to find something about this bike, don’t search from other names, just look for KLX 250D.

Next, if we talk about something else about this bike, like Hornet, Jade, and XR bikes, the chassis number of this bike also will be changed according to the manufactured year. The chassis numbers of these bikes are correct with the year so without taking the bikes that pointed wings changed to rounded wings, take a genuine tracker without paying high prices by looking at this chassis number.

 LX250E -315 (1998)

LX250E -321 (1999)

LX250E -331 (2001)

LX250E -350 (2002)

LX250E -A00004 (2003)

LX250E -A04311(2004)

LX250E -A07001(2005)

LX250E -A11177(2006)

LX250E -A18659(2007)


And also around 1998-2003, this bike came with rounded wings and after that, this bike came with pointed wings. The Tracker X has been designed completely differently from all of these, even in appearance. And also an EFI unit has been used instead of the carb of this bike. We will talk about tracker x in detail later. Now let’s talk about the engine of this bike.


This bike has two engine models called D1 and D2 and it is mentioned on the engine. In Sri Lanka, we can mostly see D2-engine bikes. And if we talk further in more detail, this bike is equipped with a 249CC, DOHC single cylinder FOUR STROKE 4 valve engine. The maximum power of this bike is recorded as 29bhp and the maximum speed is around 150kmph. Also, this engine can give a good race to motorcycles like SB Tracker and XR that compete with this bike.

Clutch and Gear

When talking about the gear system and clutch of this bike, A 6-speed gear system with a wet multiple-disc clutch can be seen. And also, a gear jam can be seen in some D1 engines. Remember that this is due to a lack of proper maintenance and not a problem with the motorcycle. Since these motorcycles are more than 10 years old, proper maintenance is essential for them.



Next, if we talk about the meter panel of this motorcycle, it shows Speed, ODO, and Trip like a normal SM motorcycle. In tracker X we can see the RPM also. As with most SM bikes, the lack of a fuel gauge can be seen as a drawback and if you are thinking of becoming a new tracker owner, it is always better to keep an eye on the fuel level until you get used to it. Also, a line of 2004 can be seen on this meter and it is the thing which is called a Perimeter. An 8-litre tank is provided for this bike so it is not will not be much problem.

The side stand switch of this bike can be shown as another important feature of this. Due to this side stand switch, if you try to move forward using the gear while the motorcycle is stationary, the engine will automatically shut down. This side stand switch doesn’t work on most trackers, and if you don’t fix it quickly, you might get into trouble.

Fuel Supply

The fuel supply of the D1 engine is done through a carburettor while a Keihin CVK34 sensor carburettor has been used for D2 engines which begin in 2002. Also, the fuel efficiency of the Tracker X released with an EFI unit is around 45km per 1 litre.

If we talk about the chassis of this bike, only in 2004 you can see a chassis with a silver colour, and in other models, we can see a black chassis and this is an Aluminum Diamond frame. The total weight of this bike is measured as 128kg.



If we talk about the suspension of this bike a 43mm USD shock is used in the front and it has been changed from time to time depending on the year of production as silver, black, and gold, and the suspension body of this bike can also be changed.

For the back of this bike, a Mono shock has been used, and here too the colour has changed to yellow, silver, and red and it can be adjusted to 16 sizes. The seat height of the stock model (which has not undergone any modification) is about 880mm (35 inches) and someone under 5.6 feet may cause some difficulty in handling this motorbike.

Breaks and Tires

If we talk about the breaking of this bike, for the front a Nisin 2-piston calliper with a 250mm disc is used and a single-piston Nisin calliper with a 230mm disc has been used for the back of this bike. The tires 110/70-17 for the front and 130/70-17 for the back have been used. Also, the spokes come with a 17-inch rim and the original brand of this rim is Excel, but many trackers can be seen with other rim types now. Like every spoke bike, the cost due to an accident is very high in this bike also.

Finally, if we note this bike, this cannot be seen as a brand new bike in the market and this motorcycle is manufactured based on the KLX Big wheel motorcycle. Although this bike was manufactured in Japan from 1999-2003, after 2003 the assembly work has been done at Kawasaki’s factories in Thailand and this D Tracker replaced the D1 with the D2, the D2 with the X, and finally the KLX motor bike. Motorcycles with 125cc and 150cc capacity were also produced here and we talked about D Tracker 150 earlier.

Until the next post, be safe and keep riding.

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