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Yamaha TW200 & TW225 Full Review

 As for today’s topic, we are going to talk about TW200 & TW225 which are fit for both mud & pile.

This motorbike was first produced in 1987 by Yamaha Company & successfully produced for 30 years from then until today. This bike is 100% produced in Japan.

The Japanese Shinji Kazama crossed the North Pole for the first time in 1987 with a TW200 motorcycle powered by a YT250 2-stroke engine.

This motorcycle comes with 4 models along with one special anniversary model. They are respectively,

  • TW200 Hub – 1987-2000
  • TW125 -1999-2003
  • TW 200 Disk 2000- Present
  • TW225 – 2002-2007 & TW 225 which released as a special anniversary edition for the 20th anniversary in 2007


When talking about the engine of this motorcycle, a 196cc SOHC single cylinder 2 valve engine has been provided by Yamaha which gives a power of 16 horsepower. And also, the TW225 model which has a 223cc SOHC single valve 2 air-cooled engine that was produced from 2002 to 2007 gives a power of 19 horsepower. And if needed, the air-cooling system here can easily be changed to an oil cooling system.

The maximum speed of this motorcycle is 130 & 140 kilometres per hour. After passing 110-115 kilometres per hour, the engine overheats with some stiffness and vibration and tries to come to its remaining speed. As reasons for this, we can point out that this engine is air cooled, manufactured in European countries with a cold and mild climate, and manufactured for driving on very difficult roads rather than driving at high speeds.

If you need a Dual Sports bike with high speed, you can choose bikes of Yamaha like WR250R, WR250F, or Honda XR250R, CRF250L & Kawasaki KLX250 while these bikes are double the price when compared with the TW model.

Fuel Supply, Gear and Clutch

The fuel supply of this bike is done through a carb and the fuel efficiency of this bike is between 30 and 40 kilometres per 1 petrol litre. This distance changes with the way of maintaining the bike, Speed & road condition. When taken as a common, Here the fuel efficiency can be taken around 35 kilometres per1 petrol litre. This can be noted as very good fuel efficiency for a 200 or 225-capacity motorcycle.

This bike is with a fuel tank of 7 litres and one litre is stored as a reserve. when comparing factors such as fuel efficiency and the purpose of producing this bike, this fuel tank is very enough. As the gear system, a 5-speed gear system with A Wet multi-plate disk clutch has been provided for this bike.

As a special factor we can point out that this bike does not have many fancy special parts. that is because This TW bike is made for reaching places that are difficult to reach for normal dirt bikes rather than going on the road. This bike has a normal analogue meter panel with, speed trip, distance travelled and light indicators showing high beam head, signal, and neutral. The fuel gauge and RPM meter are not present in this meter.

Also, if we mention something else, the front mudguard of every current dirt or sm bike is located close to the headlight, but in TW bikes it is located very close to the front tire. Due to this, mud or sand falling on the rider and the engine is very minimal.


If we talk about the suspension, the Telescopic fork coil spring and oil damper are used in the front. Though not using USD shock on the bike seems a bit lacking, when comparing the weight and height of this bike as well as the good shocks provided are enough to successfully face the collisions. as the back suspension A 5.9-inch Mono shock is used and this is not adjustable.


When talking about the frame, a diamond single-downtube chassis which is very strong has been provided for this bike. There is not much vibration until the speed reaches about 80 km per hour and then after 80km per hour, the foot pegs and hand bar begin to vibrate.This cannot be shown as a big miss on this bike because as mentioned before this is not a sport bike or a naked motorcycle made to travel fast on carpet roads. This is a bike that is specially made for reaching off-roads that cannot be reached by other vehicles.

When talking about the seat height or the height from the seat to the ground of this bike is 31.1 inches and Ground Clearance which is the height from the lowest part of the motorcycle to the ground is 10.4 inches. Due to this, a person of any height can easily drive and handle this motorcycle. the damage to the engine is controlled in case of any collision Because this engine is covered with an iron cover.

If we talk about the brake system of this bike a Hub break, in other words, a 110mm Drum has been used for both front and back from 1987 to 2000. But now after 2000 until today they produce this bike with a disk on the front and drum break on the back.


But some crooked businessmen change this old Hub model to Disk and they are selling them at a higher price. So before buying this bike carefully observe the motorcycle and buy it or take someone who has good knowledge about this motorcycle. When talking about the tires which are a very important part of this bike, 130/80-18 for the front and 180/80-14 tube tires are used in the back of the motorcycle. With this very wide and high back tire, you can travel very easily on any road with beach, mud, hill, mountain, and snow and this bike will travel easily travel in the road that cannot be travelled by dirt bikes like CR, WR. This bike drew in mud and sand also very minimal. And this Yamaha TW200 motorcycle is the first motorcycle that crossed the North Pole for the first time.

As the Rims, DID Brand Rims with Front Spoke, 14M/C x MT2.5 and back Spoke, and 14M/C x MT4.5 is used. The total weight of this motorcycle is 126.6 kg and due to its lightweight wide tires and pickup engine, it can be used for off-road driving as well as for stunts.

Although Yamaha launches this motorcycle from the factory as a Dual Sports motorcycle category, most people do not use this motorcycle at the standard level. They change it according to their wishes from the exhaust to the external appearance they want & the Motorcycles that use Supertrapp Can and Long Swing arm of this brand can be seen mostly in this country. And also, this motorcycle can be very easily changed into Cafe Racer, Chopper, Enduro, SuperMoto, Scrambler, and various other types of motorcycles. Such photos can be seen all over the internet. In addition to the standard bikes, I will also include some modified motorcycle photos.

TW can be named as one of the best choices to own a low maintenance 100% Japanese motorcycle to ride in lake and rivers

You can find an idea about TW by looking at the photos below

Until next post, be safe and keep riding.

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