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Honda CB650R – Full Review

If you’re looking for a powerful, good-looking, better-performing, multi-cylinder motorbike that has screaming inline-four engines, Honda CB650R should be on your list. It is also competing with bikes like Kawasaki Z900 which has more big engine with 948cc, The CB 650R was able to keep up with them with its powerful engine and incredible design. 

This Honda CB 650R would be a good bike for beginners because of its exceptional stability, upright riding position and predictable engine manners, but you should keep in mind that this motorbike is heavier and taller than most of the other bikes in its class. However, this all comes with a higher price tag, than other motorbikes in this class. 


Honda CB 650R is a Neo Sports Cafe-designed motorbike, It shares few similarities with CB 300R and CB1000R which has the same Neo Sports Cafe design. At first glance, CB 650R grabs your attention with its Round LED Headlights, Chiseled 15.4-litre fuel tank and four symmetrically aligned exhaust pipes, but the Tail section is always blacked out and the only thing livening up its appearance is its 180-section tyre and silver number plate hanger.

Honda has also revised its ergonomics, the handlebars are slightly rolled forward and which will be good for slow-speed manoeuvres, and its rear set footpegs (footpegs are located a bit back and in the upper position) leave you in a sporty stance. With these changes, you can kind of hustle this beast and put it quickly where you want it to be on road. But don’t worry, this riding position is not too aggressive and it becomes uncomfortable for daily commuting or long rides.

The only ergonomics issue I found in this motorcycle is where they placed the horn switch. For some reason, it was located where you will normally find the turn indicator switch and it will be confusing for you until you get used to it. Its LCD Screen packs enough information like a tachometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, fuel consumption in real-time and average and engine diagnostic indicators. As far as I’m concerned this bike design lives up to the premium feeling in every detail.


CB 650R s most attractive aspect is its Inline Four Engine, I love four-cylinder motorcycles because of their addictive sound and extreme power, and this CB 650R s engine doesn’t disappoint me in any way. However there are only two motorbikes in the world that have an inline-four engine at this displacement, this and the Beneli 600i( i didn’t count cbr 650r because both are kinda same).

The engine is liquid-cooled, has 4 strokes, DOHC, 16 valves(four valves per cylinder) and produces 86 Horsepower. Contains a max torque of 57.5 Nm @ 8500 rpm, and a Max power of 87.1 Ps @ 12000 rpm.

It’s almost silent at lower speeds, but if you rev it hard to more than 6000 rpm it gets buzzy around the tank, it’s unlike in a honda engine but it won’t bother you in any way. Since its exhaust is addictively loud, it feels really good to rev this engine to the redline because that’s how you can come into a sense of how powerful this bike is.


It has a precise 6-speed gearbox that always feels good to operate, during hard downshifts its Slipper Clutch is working perfectly in sync. The clutch lever mechanism is smooth as well, making it easy to deal with dense traffic areas.


CB 650R has SHOWA SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork Big Piston) Front suspension that gives you precise steering demand and better handling with increased bump absorption. 

Also, it’s Slightly Front Rolled Handlebars make handling easy at slow-speed manoeuvres, and Dunlop Sportmax tyres keep the bike stable in corners.

This bike doesn’t have any specific riding modes like sport, enduro, pro, or rain, but it does have Honda’s Traction Control System, some may call it to torque control, and it’s a nice touch by honda even though this motorbike is not a big power monster.


Cb650r features dual channel ABS, in the front it has two large diameter 310 mm disks with four radial mounted piston callipers, in the rear tyre, there is a 240 mm hydraulic disc, both combined will give you premium sportbike stopping power even three-digit speeds. Also, it has an Emergency Stop Signal System that activates hazard lights in sudden brakes and it helps to avoid rear-end collisions. 


Top-of-the-line Dunlop Sportmax Tyres give you extra safety and control on the bike. Dunlop Sportmax tyres are proven on race tracks, it gives you a better grip on both wet and dry roads. The acceleration is more responsive with these tyres and they will also give you short braking times.

Front Tyre Size 120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)

Rear Tire Size 180/55ZR17 M/C (73W)

Dimensions and chassis

Height (mm)                      1076mm

Weight (kg)                        206kg

Length (mm)                      2128mm

Width (mm)                       784mm

Wheelbase (mm)                1449mm

Ground Clearance (mm)    148mm

Seat height(mm)                 810mm

Fuel Tank Capacity (lbs)    15.4 litres

Should you buy one?

This is a perfect ride for any sports bike 

enthusiast, and will be a fantastic upgrade from a lower displacement motorbike. Despite its good quality and premium specs, I’m a little confused about its higher price tag than other motorcycles in this class, and I would also be satisfied if it came with riding mods. 

But overall this bike is extremely likeable and gives you the best riding experience in every aspect.

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