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The Maserati 450S: The Italian Stallion of Endurance Racing

The Maserati 450S is a racing car made by Italian automobile manufacturer Maserati to contest the 1957 World Sportscar Championship, and was the biggest threat to Jaguar, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

A V-8 4477 cm3 (272.9 ci) engine with a maximum power output of 400 PS (394 horsepower) powered the Maserati 450S. The top speed of this vehicle, which featured a 5-Speed Manual transmission, was 320.3 kph (199.0 mph).

A total of nine were made. Development of the 450S started in 1954 under the codename Tipo 54 led by Vittorio Bellentani and Guido Taddeucci.  They intended to use engines with a bigger displacement than the 3-liter ones seen in the Maserati 300S. The 450S was a successful racing vehicle that took first place in the 1957 Swedish Grand Prix and Sebring 12 Hours.

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