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The Rolls-Royce Dawn Pulse Edition by MANSORY: A Limited Edition Car with a Clean Makeover

MANSORY PULSE Edition is a modified version of Rolls-Royce Dawn by Mansory. The tuner veered away from the “fabled roadster of the 1920s” theme and goes for a clean makeover that still visually stands out.

The interior of the customized Rolls-Royce Dawn is decorated in white and orange to match the "Bch m hoàng t" concept. Regarding the materials utilized in the cabin, Mansory said nothing.

Mansory noted that the Dawn Pulse Edition includes both a high-performance sports exhaust system and a freshly built sports suspension. Despite the lack of particular essential information regarding engine performance, Mansory has already given the Dawn up to 730 PS and 1.000 Newtonmeter torque using simply ECU tuning.

Mansory chose a simple redesign that nevertheless looks distinctive in place of the "fabled roadster of the 1920s" concept. The modified Rolls-Royce Dawn is modeled after the 2021 Silver Bullet Edition. Additionally, a limited edition is in front of the Mansory design by German tuner.

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