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Alfa Romeo 1900: The Family Car That Won Races

The Alfa Romeo 1900 is a car that was produced by Alfa Romeo from 1950 to 1959. This was Alfa Romeo's first vehicle to be constructed fully on a highly automated production line.

It was also the first automobile made without a separate chassis, though notable Italian coachbuilders worked together to adapt the basic 1900 chassis to a variety of forms.

Three different types of the Alfa Romeo 1900 were offered: the Berlina (sedan), Sprint (coupé), and Spider (convertible). The phrase "family car that wins races" was originally used to describe an automobile. Additionally, it was the first to provide a left-hand-drive model.

Both economically and in racing, the Alfa Romeo 1900 was a successful vehicle. Numerous races, such as the Targa Florio and Stella Alpina, were won by it. Over 150,000 of these cars were made since they were also well-liked by private buyers.

The Alfa Romeo 1900 debuted in 1950 and cost 1,975,000 Italian lire at launch. This is roughly equivalent to $3,500 in today's money. Depending on the type and options, the 1900's price could vary, but it was usually thought of at the time as an extremely costly car.

In 1950, the cost of a new car in the United States was approximately $1,500.

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