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The Porsche 914/6: A Rare and Coveted Classic Car

The Porsche 914/6 is a mid-engined sports car designed, manufactured and marketed collaboratively by Volkswagen and Porsche from 1969 until 1976. It was only offered as a two-seat roadster with a targa top and a flat-4 or flat-6 engine.

The 2.0 L air-cooled Type 901/3 flat-six engine from the 1967–1969 911T model was used in the Porsche 914/6 version. In Porsche's lineup, this flat-six had the lowest horsepower. This engine's upgraded pistons resulted in an 8.6:1 compression ratio.

The 2.0-liter, twin-carburetor Porsche flat six in the 914/6 was tuned for 110 horsepower.

As of model year 1970, Porsche's new entry-level vehicle was the 914, which was jointly developed by Porsche and Volkswagen. The "VW Porsche" was a mid-engine Sports Car that could seat two people.

The European 914/6 was referred to as the VW-Porsche per the agreement, despite having a Porsche body and an engine. For the 914/4 and 914/6, the wheels, hubs, and brakes were taken from the VW 411 family car and the 911, respectively.

In the rigorous 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1970, Porsche entered a 914/6 with the factory's GT option. The car came in sixth overall, only being surpassed by prototype racecars like the Flat-12 Porsche 917K and V12 Ferrari 512S.

Heinrich Klie, a body engineer at Porsche, was principally responsible for the Porsche 914's internal design. The 914 was designed as a mid-engined vehicle with a targa top roof.

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