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Unveiling the Enchanting Porsche 992 GT3 Touring in PTS Aubergine

Aubergine is a historic Porsche color, dating back to the 911 from ‘72 through ‘75. This burgundy purple was revived for the modern Porsche thanks to the Paint to Sample Plus program.

Through this program, a color not on the existing list of 170+ Paint to Sample colors can be requested for feasibility. If approved, it is added to the Paint to Sample list for other customers to choose as well.

Other notable recent additions through this method include Moon Gem (a modern reinterpretation of Moonstone/Lilac), Essmann Green (the Essmann family’s color @se_0815 & @michael_24c), and South Sea Blue Metallic (a Mercedes-Benz color).

As Aubergine was requested and approved for a 718, it is also automatically approved for the 992 and Taycan which share production in Zuffenhausen.

The Macan and Panamera share their own list of approved PTS colors, as they are assembled in Leipzig, Germany, while the Cayenne’s PTS colors are mostly from Audi’s extensive color palette as the Cayenne is assembled in Bratislava, Slovakia alongside the Audi Q7/Q8.

As for the inspiration behind this particular spec, the owner writes, “It all started with this timeless 1970’s 911 in Aubergine. I’ve replicated it as closely as possible, with a dark stainless interior, no carbon other than the buckets, no illuminated door sills. As simple as I could get it, relatively speaking.”

This is certainly the case as beyond the special color, this example carries a relatively lean list of options, resulting in a very clean build.

On the outside, it sports the standard wheels in Silver, paired with PCCB with High Gloss Black calipers. Inside, the standard Leather Interior in Black is paired with optional Full Bucket Seats and aftermarket Pepita inserts.

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